Texoma Housing Partners Earns High Performer Rating

Texoma Housing Partners

Texoma Housing Partners Earns High Performer Rating

Updated: 7/1/2015 at 3:34pm (corrected name of THP Board President Betty Childress)
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Texoma Housing Partners Earns High Performer Rating

SHERMAN, JULY 1, 2015 – Texoma Housing Partners (THP) received notification from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that their Public Housing Program managed by Texoma Council of Governments earned a High Performer Rating for fiscal year ending 2015.

Each year every housing authority in the nation is required to undergo a Public Housing Assessment which includes scoring of the following four components: physical (40 points), financial (25 points), capital (10 points) and management (25 points). A High Performer rating is achieved with a score of 90 or higher.

We continue to exceed HUD standards and provide the region with an exemplary public housing program. – Susan B. Thomas, PhD, Executive DirectorThe physical scoring is rigorous with points removed for items such as: inoperable smoke detectors, inoperable locks, windows not shutting properly or vegetation touching the building. “Program staff manage and maintain these properties so well, 37 points were received for the physical score, added to 24 points (financial), 24 points (management) and 10 points (capital) for the High Performer score of 95.” said Allison Minton, TCOG Client Services Department Director.

Since the inception of these annual assessments over 15 years ago, THP has achieved a High Performer rating every year. The ongoing success of the program is a direct result of operating as a public housing consortium and maintaining a contractual relationship with TCOG.

THP is the nation’s first consortium and was established in 2000. It was created under the Quality Housing Work Responsibility Act (QHWRA) of 1998 which allowed small housing authorities to join together for the purpose of management efficiencies. The consortium began with 13 small housing authorities and has grown to include 18 cities located across Fannin, Grayson, Collin and Hunt counties. TCOG provides the consortium professional management and access to other TCOG programs which are made available to all public housing residents.

Operating as a consortium with an administrative contract with TCOG gives participating housing authorities distinct advantages. Combined resources and streamlined expenses have produced significant savings which allow the participating housing authorities to remain fiscally sound while government funding continues to shrink. Another reason the consortium has been so successful is the combined THP Board of Commissioners. One representative from each city serves on the Board and provides oversight to the consortium with a regional mindset. Ms. Minton continued by stating, “This board is an example of regionalism at its best, they concern themselves with the interest of the whole, rather than the individual city they represent which ultimately benefits everyone.”

“The coordinated effort of this consortium continues to be very effective,” stated Betty Childress, THP Board President. “The Public Housing Assessment is a tough measuring stick used by HUD to determine the efficacy of the program.”

TCOG and THP have worked in partnership for over 15 years helping more Texomans have access to a safe, decent, and affordable place to live. TCOG Executive Director, Dr. Susan Thomas linked the recognition to TCOG’s broader efforts to build quality of life in the region. “Our High Performer status speaks directly to TCOG’s vision: Better Leaders Building Better Lives; through true regional leadership at the board level all the way to the front line staff, we continue to exceed HUD standards and provide the region with an exemplary public housing program.”

The Texoma Council of Governments is a voluntary association of the local governments in Cooke, Fannin, and Grayson Counties. Established in 1968, the Texoma Council of Governments promotes economy and efficiency in the coordinated planning and development of the tri-county region through its community and economic development activities. Either directly, or through contractors, the Council provides housing, utility assistance, and weatherization services for low-income citizens in the region and assists the elderly through a variety of Area Agency on Aging programs. The Council also facilitates the delivery of grant funding for homeland security and criminal justice.

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