Criminal Justice

Regional Purpose

Criminal Justice is one of those public policy areas that is primarily the responsibility of local governments. Since criminals don't always respect jurisdictional lines, there is a need for some measure of regional coordination and cooperation. There are also a number of state and federal programs that provide money for some law enforcement activities. TCOG's Criminal Justice Program helps with these coordination efforts by working with the Governor's Criminal Justice Division, the regional law enforcement community, and local policymakers to develop and maintain a regional criminal justice community plan.

Victims of Crime

Victims of crime often need assistance to recover from their ordeal. TCOG's Criminal Justice Program and the Governor's Criminal Justice Division provide funds to area agencies that serve victims in the Texoma Region.  

Keeping Schools Safe

Keeping schools in the Texoma Region safe takes time, energy and money. Through TCOG and the Governor's Criminal Justice Division, area schools and communities can apply for funds to promote drug and weapon-free schools and neighborhoods.

Program Related News

Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

    • Joe Brown, Vice Chairman, District Attorney, Grayson County
    • Mike Bankston, Chairman, Police Chief, City of Bonham Police Department
      • Alan Hale, Judge, Fannin County Justice of the Peace
      • Brandon Caffee, Director, Fannin County Juvenile Probation
      • Brian Jones, , Grayson County Adult Probation
      • Carol Pillars, Executive Director, Fannin County Family Crisis Center
      • Cherie Fry, Concerned Citizen, Grayson County
      • Chris Cypert, Judge, Municipal Court, City of Gainesville
      • Debra Roberts, Chief of Adult Probation, Fannin County
      • Dr. Purvi Patel, Licensed Clinical Neuropsychologist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Applied Psychology Group of Texoma
      • Faith Ann Cheek, , Bonham Independent School District
      • Jason Kirk, Deputy Chief, Grayson County Adult Probation
      • Jerry Metzler, , CASA of North Texas
      • John Warren, District Attorney, Cooke County
      • Kevin Phillips, Chief of Police, Gainesville Police Department
      • Kim Cook, Executive Director, Abigail's Arms
      • Kim Parsons, Director of Special Projects, Gainesville ISD
      • Martha Nuckols, Children's Advocacy Represesntative,
      • Richard Glaser, District Attorney, Fannin County
      • Sandy Barber, Director, Fannin County Children's Center
      • Shelli Shields, Executive Director, Grayson County Crisis Center
      • Tim Barnes, Chief of Police, Van Alstyne Police Department
      • Tom Watt, Sheriff, Grayson County
      • Toni Hellman, , Cooke County Juvenile Probation
      • Vicki Robertson, Executive Director, Cooke County Court Appointed Special Advocate