Climate of North Central Texas

Shinners & Mahler's Flora of North Central TexasShinners & Mahler's Flora of North Central Texas

North Central Texas is located in a zone of dramatic transition between regional climates. The striking vegetational change from the East Texas deciduous forests on the eastern margin of North central Texas to the grasslands of the Great Plains just to the west is a vivid reflection of this climatic transition. The climate of North Central Texas is often considered subtropical, but a wide range of extremes can be found. Like the rest of the state, the area can be referred to climatically as a “land of contrasts.” There is ample reason why locals say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes.” “Blue northers,” cold fronts swinging down from the north and accompanied by rapid drops in temperature of dozens of degrees, are not uncommon. Mean annual temperature varies from about 68°F in the south to about 64°F in the north and west, but temperatures of 0°F and 110°F are not unknown for winter and summer respectively, with even more extreme readings observed on occasion.


All content from this page comes directly from page 28 of Shinners & Mahler’s Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas which was written by George M. Diggs Jr., Barney L. Lipscomb, Robert J. O’Keenon and published in 1999.