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University of Dallas Capstone

Texoma Council of Governments (TCOG) requested that the University of Dallas (UD) create a marketing Capstone project on behalf of Lisbeth Echeandia, representative for local farmers and food producers organized under the name Texoma Grown. Initially, the project entailed Capstone students researching the local agricultural market in the areas serviced by TCOG: Cooke, Grayson, and Fannin counties.


Using this information, the Capstone students researched survey design and validation methods that would be most appropriate to survey this group of businesses. They determined the most effective survey type, scope, methodology, and means for communication. The members of the Texoma Grown directory were then asked to participate in this student-developed survey designed to gain information about the local agricultural producers on a variety of issues involving business development, marketing efforts, branding, and Texoma Grown representation in the community.


The Capstone students analyzed the data and provided a number of conclusions based on the results from the survey questions. The recommendations for actions and changes will provide several points to help Texoma Grown develop as a more formal organization to potentially become more effective in the way it promotes itself and to provide assistance to the businesses represented by the group. There are a number of potential future projects that could further address branding and other marketing efforts needed to promote the local region’s agricultural businesses once the initial challenges highlighted by these survey results have been addressed.

Final Report

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