Railroads in Texoma

Texoma is well served by railroads, east to west and north to south. Several Class 1 railway networks pass through Texoma, connecting to several ports such as the Port of Houston (TX), Port of Catoosa (OK), and Port of Muskogee (OK). Major rail networks include a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) intermodal route to Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Union Pacific, Texas Northeastern, and Dallas-Garland. Amtrak uses the BNSF intermodal line for passenger rail service on their Heartland Flyer route with a stop in Gainesville, TX in the Texoma region. These railways operate seven days a week, include numerous switches in Texoma communities, and move commodities for both national and local customers.

Local Providers

  1. Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) -an intermodal transport route
  2. Union Pacific
  3. Texas Northeastern Railroad
  4. Dallas-Garland

Source: Dallas-Garland & Texas Northeastern Railroad (DGNO)