Texoma Project Priorities

Economic Development Project Priorities

The EDA-sponsored Texoma CEDS identifies regional projects, programs, and activities designed to implement the economic Goals of Objectives of the region. These are the project priority areas and vital projects for regional economic development success in Texoma and areas for which EDA programs may fund projects that serve Texoma.

2007-2012 CEDS Priorities

EDA Projects and Potential Projects
  • Development of North Texas Regional Airport
  • Expand Grayson College in Fannin County
  • Expand Industrial Park Infrastructure in Texoma
  • Construct/Expand Medical Facilities within the Region
  • Improve Bonham Municipal Airport / Jones Field
  • Improve Gainesville Municipal Airport
  • Develop Alternative Energy Businesses
Job Creation
  • Create Incentives to Recruit Employers
  • Support Workforce Board’s Initiatives
  • Advocate Tourism and Agri-Tourism
  • Increase Number of Entry-Level Housing Units
  • Advocate Export Trade Association
Environmental Impacts
  • Advocate Texoma Water Alliance
  • Advocate Community and Downtown Beautification Projects
Transportation Improvements
  • Advocate Regional/Rural Transportation Planning
  • Complete extension of SH 289
  • Widen and extend FM 691
  • Widen US Hwy 69 and US Hwy 75
  • Construct Interchange at I-35 and US 82
  • Construct Interchange at US 75 and US 82
  • Create County Thoroughfare Transportation Plans