Needs Analysis

Applicant Eligibility

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) determines eligibility and investment rates of applicants based upon defined measures of economic distress. An applicant’s eligibility is primarily based up their ability to demonstrate that the geographic area of impact of the proposed project has:

  1. an unemployment rate for the most recent twenty four month period for which data is available that is at least on percentage point greater than the national average,
  2. per capita income that is eighty percent or less of the national average per capita income,
  3. a designation as a Special Impact Area by EDA.

EDA request that applicants provide the latest data available in the proposed project’s region or area of impact. Economic distress data for each county in Texoma is provided below.

Economic Distress Criteria – Texoma Statistical Report
Economic Distress Criteria – Primary Elements
(As of May 2010)
Threshold Standard
U.S. Figure
Texoma Figure
Texoma Threshold Comparison
24-month Average Unemployment Rate (BLS, period ending in January 2010)
One percentage point above national average 7.73% 6.40% -1.33%
2007 Per Capita Money Income (ACS)
80% or less of US average $26,178 $21,590 82.47%
2000 Per Capita Personal Income (BEA)
80% or less of US average $38,615 $29,865 77.34%
2000 Per Capita Money Income (Decennial Census)
80% or less of US average $21,587 $18,173 84.18%


As a result of economic recession, unemployment is on the rise. this puts more strain on families, human services, and local education and job training resources as out-of-work residents find ways to make ends meet in hard times. The Texas Workforce Commission calculates that by the end of 2009, 7.8 percent of Texomans were unemployed. This translates to approximately 9,200 unemployed residents spread across Cooke, Fannin, and Grayson Counties. Unemployment rates are significantly higher in recent months and this trend is forecasted to continue for the foreseeable future.

Although unemployment is on the rise in Texoma, the region is faring better than the national average and other regions around the Unites States. The average 24-month unemployment rate has remained lower than the national figures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texoma’s 24-month average unemployment rate between January of 2008 and January of 2010 was 6.4 percent while the national rate was 7.73 percent.

24-Month Average Unemployment Rate

(Period Ending 01/10)


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cooke County 4.90%
Fannin County 7.33%
Grayson County 6.78%
Texoma Region 6.40%
U.S. 7.73%

Personal income

Personal income is often used as an indicator of local economic prosperity. Personal income spending drives our local economies and government programs through state and local sales tax revenues on purchases. Although Texoma is a small region, there are significant disparities in wages and income. Between 2000 and 2007, the per capita income of residents in Cooke and Grayson Counties maintained consistent at about 91 percent of US per capita income. However, Fannin County consistently lags behind national, state and regional measures of income. According to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, Fannin County median income in 2007 was 77.34 percent of the national figure, meeting one of EDA’s three economic distress criteria. In fact, the per capita income of Fannin County ranks 197th among all 254 counties in Texas.

Geographic Area
Threshold Calculation (Area PCMI/US PCMI)
Cooke $22,403 85.6%
Fannin $18,955 72.4%
Grayson $22,063 84.3%
Texoma $21,590 82.47%
US $26,178
Geographic Area
Threshold Calculation (Area PCMI/US PCMI)
Cooke $17,889 82.9%
Fannin $16,066 74.4%
Grayson $18,862 87.4%
Texoma $18,173 82.5%
US $21,587

*ACS = American Community Survey; PCMI = Per Capita Money Income

Wages and income in Texoma continue to remain below national averages, but the local effects are positively complimented by lower cost of living. Since 2000, regional per capita income has declined slightly in comparison to national wage trends. In 2000, the decennial census measured per capita income in Texoma at $18,173, which was 84.14 percent of national per capita income, and in 2007, the American Community Survey reported per capita income in Texoma at $21,590, or 82.47 percent of the national per capita income. The median value of homes in all three Texoma counties remain well below the national and state median home values.

2007 MHV in $
% of Nat’l MHV

Source: ACS 2006-2008

Cooke $108,600 60.5%
Fannin $75,400 41.7%
Grayson $91,100 50.3%
U.S. $181,000

*MHV = Median House Value