Energy Services

Energy Services


The TCOG Energy Services Program includes Utility and Weatherization assistance.

Utility Assistance

Utility assistance provides co-payment of utilities and the provision of supportive services in an effort to transition low-income families out of poverty and off of public assistance.

Utility assistance includes the co-payment of utilities for a specific period of time while learning ways to conserve energy. Services also include a case management program with the goal of transitioning families off welfare by providing assistance with the cost of expenses such as education, training and other necessary supplies and supportive services.

Each client situation is evaluated through an application process and the appropriate program service is then determined. Individual goals and objectives are identified as well as techniques for budgeting and energy conservation which will transition the client from poverty and/or address crisis situations.

Weatherization Assistance

Weatherization assistance provides the installation of energy-saving applications to homes which reduces energy consumption up to 40%.

Weatherization services reduce the infiltration of air producing lower utility costs. The assistance can be provided to both owner-occupied and renter-occupied units and provides such energy improvements as: insulation in the attic, walls and floors; caulking; weather-stripping; and repair or replacement of heating and air conditioning units.

Service Availability

Services are available to eligible applicants in the following Counties:

County Utility Assistance Weatherization Assistance
County Utility Assistance Weatherization Assistance
Red River

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you mail me an application for assistance?
    • You need an appointment to complete the application in person. If you are not physically able to come to the office and there is no one to come on your behalf, you may talk to our program manager for other arrangements. Call our office at 903-813-3541.
How do you determine if I am eligible for assistance?
    • Initial eligibility is based on the level of household income for all persons 18 years and over. Other factors include whether there is a deposit due on the utility account, and the account must be in the name of an adult living in the household.
How does TCOG decide how much will be paid to my utility company?
    • When you apply for assistance, you give us permission to obtain your utility records for the past year. For households on fixed income (Social Security, SSI, etc.), the payments are based on your billing history for that month in the previous year, up to the allowable dollar limit.
Why did I get a disconnect notice if TCOG made a pledge to pay my utility bill?
    • WUtility companies usually send disconnect notices automatically; those are in no way affected by what we are able to pledge on your account. After we make a pledge to the utility company, we have 30-45 days to send the company a check. They will not disconnect you unless you owe them fees that have not been paid, such as late fees, disconnect fees or reconnect fees, or if you get a returned check for a payment you previously made. We cannot pledge or pay any of those items. Also, if you receive a new bill after we make our pledge we can’t be responsible for that amount. Talk to your case manager at the time of application to be certain you understand which items will be paid.
Why do I have a balance forward on my new utility bill if TCOG paid last month’s bill?
  • The utility company has either not received or processed our check yet (same as above). Some utility companies take longer to process our payments than regular payments from their customers. The payment will show up on your next bill. You are responsible for any unpaid balances.

How to Apply for Services

For application information, simply call (903) 813-3541 or visit this page.

Council Members

  • Jeff Stanley, Chairman
  • Joe Passanisi, Vice Chairman
  • Marsha Lindsey, Secretary / Treas.
  • Brianna Sundberg
  • Janet Karam
  • Josh Brinkley
  • Lou Ann Taylor
  • Patty Haayen
  • Terry Tombaugh
  • Yvonne Sandmann