Aging & Disability Resource Center

The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Texoma

The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Texoma empowers people of all ages, incomes and disabilities to make informed decisions about their options for long-term services and supports. The ADRC of Texoma aims to promote independence, choice, dignity and quality of life for residents of Bowie, Cass, Cooke, Delta, Fannin, Franklin, Grayson, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River, and Titus counties.

Who can get help at an ADRC?

  • People who are older
  • Adults with physical disabilities
  • Individials with intellectual disabilities
  • Adults with chronic mental illness
  • Adults with substance abuse issues
  • Adults with long-term illnesses
  • People looking for information about long-term care options
  • Veterans, their survivors, and family members
  • Healthy adults planning for their futures
  • Family and friends providing care and support
  • Professionals seeking information
  • Anyone with questions about aging or disability services in Texas
  • Amanda Hitsman, Adult Protective Services, Texoma
  • Clara Connell, Lakes Regional Community Center
  • Delano Smith, Texoma Council of Governments
  • Donna Dounley, Texas Workforce Solutions – Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Gail Tennison, Community Care Services, Region 4
  • Janet Karam, ADRC of Texoma
  • Jeanell Cannon, Community Healthcore
  • Judy Conner, Texoma Council of Governments
  • Karen Caruthers, Maximus
  • Kristi Routon, United HealthCare
  • Lance Duckworth, Community Care Services, Region 4
  • Lisa Reeve, ATCOG Area Agency on Aging
  • Regina Hudson-Aidoo, Community Care Services, Region 3
  • Velvet Archield, Adult Protective Services, Ark-Tex
  • Victoria Pennington, Cigna
Aging & Disability Resource Center Events
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Aging & Disability Resource Center Staff
Program Manager
  • Janet Karam
    ADRC Program Manager
    (903) 813-3581

  • Staff (2)
    • Jennifer Weatherford
      Affordable Housing Advocate
      (903) 813-3586

    • Sharon Luse
      ADRC Navigator
      (903) 813-3596


Options Counseling

ADRC of Texoma provides information, referrals and case management that suit the needs and preferences of consumers with disabilities and their caregivers seeking community-based services and supports.

Options Counseling helps people with disabilities gain access to long-term services and supports, transition assistance from one living setting to another and learn about community resources and support options.

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Our Partners

ADRC of Texoma enjoys strong partnerships in order to leverage the diverse resources in our communities. We have invested significant time and energy in strengthening and building partnerships with a broad spectrum of local agencies and providers.

We have found that the benefits of strategic partnerships has enabled us to reach different and broader audiences, support sustainability, and offer a stronger network of services. Our partners also serve on our ADRC advisory committees, assist in developing and implementing outreach and marketing strategies, and refer their own clients and constituents to the TCOG’s ADRC.

The work of the ADRC and partner agencies leverage community resources via collaboration, inter-related resources, cross-training, diverse skills and strengths brought forth to improve quality of life for consumers.


Texas Housing Search is a free housing locator service coordinated by Texoma Council of Governments’ (TCOG) Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) as a public service to the residents of Texoma and Ark-Tex regions. allows people to locate affordable, accessible and available housing that best fits their individual and family needs. It also allows landlords across the region to list their units free of charge. Our goal is to help make better use of existing resources through efficient matching of housing with tenants.

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Veterans Services

Texoma Council of Governments’ (TCOG) Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) connects veterans, their survivors, and family members to the available resources based on their needs and preferences. We provide advocacy, case management, information, and referral. We also connect Veterans and their families to local organizations that help them apply for benefits.

We would love to hear from you.
Call us toll free at 855-937-2372 or submit your questions and comments on our .


Outreach & Education

We look for opportunities to engage in community events, such as health fairs, expos, community meetings, inter-agency cross-trainings and educational seminars. Whether we can support your event through promotion, provision of a speaker or coordination, we are her to help.

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Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA)

Are you or a loved one struggling to pay your Medicare costs? Let us connect you to the resources you need.

We provide information, pre-eligibility screening, referrals and case management to people seeking.

  • Extra Help for Medicare Prescription Drugs (LIS)
  • Medicare Savings Programs (MSP)
  • Medicare Preventative Services
  • Part D Plan Comparison & Counseling
  • Application or Enrollment Assistance

Call us to find out if you’re eligible for assistance paying Medicare costs. 855-937-2372

An ADRC Navigator will help determine your eligibility and schedule a follow-up appointment with a Benefits Counselor in your area.

Serving the Counties of:

ADRC of Texoma serves Bowie, Cass, Cooke, Delta, Fannin, Franklin, Grayson, Hopkins, Lamar, Morris, Red River and Titus counties.